Central Maui Outshines

   12/15/14The Maui News

Increases in visitor spending

   8/29/14The Maui News

Westin Maui Improvements

   12/11/14The Maui News

Project calls for 11 ag lots

   12/10/14The Maui News

Maui Mall fresh paint

   11/20/14The Maui News

West Maui Hospital

   11/20/14The Maui News

Maui Economy Bumpy

   9/19/14Pacific Business News

Demand for Maui

   10/30/14The Maui News

Stats indicate eroding

   9/13/14The Maui News

Grand Wailea renovations
   9/10/14The Maui News

RE Sales Volume Dips

  11/10/14The Maui News  

Seller Retained for Ritz Carlton

   5/9/13  The Maui News

County Sees Stong Recovery Year in 2012

   5/24/13  The Maui News

Real Estate Figures May Mask Underlying Trends

   6/3/13  The Maui News

Steals are Gone Real Estate Market Improving

   6/17/13  The Maui News

Housing Market Moves Upward  

   7/9/13  The Maui News

Paul Brewbaker- Bottom Has Passed  

   7/28/13  The Maui News

Marketplace Improvements a Lift for A&B

   8/18/13  The Maui News

Maui Homes Sales Down, Dip at Odds with Trend  

   8/18/13   The Maui News

Kihei Shopping Center Sold, No Big Changes  

   10/8/13  The Maui News

House & Condo Sales Up From Last September

   10/12/13   The Maui News

A&B Says Land Sale Will Make Way for Target  

   11/8/13  The Maui News

Launiupoko Acerage: To Buy or Not  

   11/9/13   The Maui News

Low Inventory Driving up Home, Condo Prices  

   11/9/13   The Maui News

February 2012 Sales Statistics for Maui

   3/12/12 Realtors Assn of Maui

Tourism Brightens Hawaii\'s Economic Forecast  

   3/8/12  Yahoo News

Ritz-Carlton, on List of Lehman Holdings for Sale

   3/7/12 The Maui News

Visitor Indusrty Sees Positive Growth

   1/31/12 The Maui News

Large Outlet Mall Planned for Maui

   1/27/12 Pacific Business News 

Local Banks to Increase Lending in 2012

   12/30/11 Pacific Business News

Hawai\'i Economy to Run Hot and Cold

   12/30/11 Pacific Business News

Homes Sales Rise across Hawaii 

   12/9/11 Pacific Business News 

Hawai\'i Resort RE Sales Rise as Price Falls 18%

   6/17/11 Pacific Business News

Hawai\'i Passes Groundbreaking Foreclosure Law

   5/19/11 Maui Weekly

Lower Prices Drive Rebound in Resort Home Sales

   4/28/11 Honolulu Star Advertiser

Isle Economic Surge to Widen


Honolulu Star Advertiser

10 Market Facts for Uncertain Times

   9/2010 Ntnl. Assn. of Realtors

Workforce Housing Part of Makena Resort Plans

   9/1/10 The Maui News

AREA Assumes Ownership of Makena Resort

   8/31/10 Hotelworld Network

Commercial Real Estate Investments Up 17%

   8/20/10 Pacific Business News

Hawaii Close to Recouping Lost Traffic

   8/20/10 Pacific Business News

Colony Capital Said To Be Eyeing Hawaii - Again

   8/20/10 Pacific Business News

Hawai\'i Tourism Authority July 2010 Statistics

   8/31/10 Hawaii Tourism Authority

Mortgage Rates Hit Low of 4.36% 

   8/26/10 Yahoo! Finance

Maui\'s Economic Expansion Has Begun

Maui Weekly

Olowalu Town EIS Process Firing Up

   7/18/10 The Maui News

More Cruise Ships Visiting Hawaii

Pacific Business News

Sales Active, Prices Static

   7/8/10 The Maui News

Maui Housing Market Turns


Maui Weekly               

Wells Fargo High Bidder for Maui resort

   5/28/10 Pacific Business News

DBEDT Sees Economy That Is Improving

   5/20/10 The Maui News

Resort Home Sales Up

Pacific Business News

2010 Hawaii Guam Tourism Report

  1st Qtr. \'10
CB Richard Ellis

Resort RE Market Might Have Hit Bottom

The Maui News

10 Best Places to Buy a Second Home

Barron\'s/Wall St. Journal

Maui Home Sales up 48% from 2009

Honolulu Advertiser

Buyer\'s Market May Have Peaked

   2/7/10 Honolulu Advertiser

Tourism Numbers Show Signs of Promise

   2/5/10 Pacific Business News

Hawaii Home Sales Steady

Pacific Business News

The Return of the Whales

Maui Weekly

October Condo Sales Rose

   11/19/09 Maui Weekly

Maui Marathon / Stone Church House Remodel

The Maui News

Grand Wailea Expansion Approved

   11/5/09 Maui Weekly

RE Bouncing at Bottom, Amid Signs of Life

The Maui News

Long Term Strategies

Maui Weekly

South Maui Park Scheduled to Break Ground This Year

   10/8/09 Maui Weekly
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Diane K. Pool
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